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Experimental Alchemy - Paradox In Itself

But it's not that unusual. Really.

German-born & female with the looks to prove it.

I've lived in a number of countries, travelled a lot and enjoy diversity. Currently single, no kids, no ex husbands but seeing someone. People with brains are secksay. I live by the ocean; need water in my life. I can be fiery, passionate, assertive, challenging. At the other end there's observing, understanding, reserved, laid back. All in one day. I call it being alive. =)

I tend to think before I speak... And greatly appreciate when others do the same.
I'm loyal to a fault with those I consider friends which can lead to sticky situations -- but it's always worth it.

I really like people who don't take themselves too seriously. That's important.
Laughing about yourself is healthy. If you can't, it's time to re-examine...

I guess you could say that I like people who are cultured but real.

Some favorites: World travel, world music, lifestyle things, the arts, international cinema & food, languages, interior design, househunting, literature. I tend to get along well with those who've travelled, seen more of the world than one country... More than one continent, perhaps... And can appreciate the difference. Or those who are at least curious!!
I love icecream far too much and think that cats are goddesses in disguise. Turtles make me melt. I read a lot, don't write enough, am open to cultural experiences and ethnic difference. Travel is the love of my life; physically and via narratives written by the famous and the not-so-famous. Photography is my new love, we're honeymooning. Maybe I will write a book someday... And learn how to take *really* good pictures.
A wise man once told me that one must never stop learning and always keep moving. I attempt to do both.

My Blog is a collection of things that move, inspire, appall, amuse, get noticed, or simply happen.

Meeting new people is fun.
Want to be my friend? =)

If you appreciate good food, join! ethnic_cuisines ethnic_cuisines ethnic_cuisines

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